100 Plus Women Chattanooga: How Does It Work?

At 100 Plus Women Chattanooga, we partner with 100 women in the area that have a passion for giving. We select and donate to local non-profit organizations quarterly, equating to $400 worth of donations per woman, per year. $400 multiplied by 100 (or more) generous women equals at least $40,000 that’s given to local charities in order to help our community.

Discover our process at 100 Plus Women Chattanooga!

  • We put Chattanooga area charities in a hat . . .

  • We pull 3 names and hear about  them . . .

  • We select one local charity to receive $10,000+

Nominate. Vote. Donate.

  • Member must be in good standing and have contributed for four consecutive quarters to nominate a charity.
  • The charity that receives our donations is not eligible to be nominated/presented again for two years.
  • Two-way ties will be decided by one more round of votes. If a tie persists, the two names that are tied will go back in the hat and the recipient will be drawn at random.
  • The selected charity must agree not to give out member information to any third parties or add them to their mailing list for future solicitation.
  • The selected charity must agree to send charitable tax receipts to our members. Members are responsible for ensuring their current address is on, or attached, to their check or online donation if they want a receipt.  Tax receipts are provided by the charity directly to the members.  100+ WWC is not responsible for sending tax receipts to members.
  • Members making online donations to the charity must email their receipt of the donation to our Executive Committee.

Please feel free to attend any giving circle as a guest. If, while you are at the giving circle, you would like to donate to the selected charity, you are welcome to do so. However, you must be a member to vote at the giving circle.

Change a life today

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.

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